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Taverna Harrogate

An authentic Greek & Mediterranean style restaurant & grill located in the centre of Harrogate, on Cheltenham Crescent. We offer a warm, welcoming, fun, friendly atmosphere suitable for parties of all sizes. Perfect for families, friends, romantic or work occasions. We are well known for our fantastic food, for example, our Beef Stifado, Mousaka, Pastitsio and of course our best-seller, Chicken Gyros.

Our menu follows traditional recipes to ensure that you get an authentic taste of Greece when visiting us for a hot traditional Greek meal. We also offer lovely Greek beers like Mythos and both Fix Hellas and Fix Dark. If you are looking to pair your Greek meal with wine, you can also enjoy our Greek red and white wine from the Papagiannakos Winery in Greece.

Our restaurant has been open for only 2 years but it has already established itself as a staple for Greek food in Harrogate.

What are you waiting for? Book your table and take a trip to Greece without living Harrogate.

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